What we do



Our brokers have an extensive experience in freight forwarding services. We provide all the help to fulfill our customer’s expectations, increasing freight efficiency and more cost effectively. What is Freight Forward


ICSL manages all the logistic procedure from a client’s supplier or manufacturing plant. Through our Cross-docking terminal, we process, unload, screen all customer’s goods. Crossdock, Cross-dock or Cross-docking Cross-dock service is


ICSL Logistic Transportation provides multimodal transportation for our costumers. All in one management system. Performing transportation with ICSL Logistic Transportation system, our clients needs are completely fullfilled. Agility in rates, pick


What is warehousing ICSL warehousing is a service that is associated with storing and managing goods. ICSL receives, inspect and organize all clients’ goods, to keep accurate inventory and quick access

Inventory Management

The main focus of ICSL business is to present the most effective tools available. Our Inventory Management System provides to our costumers, costs reduction, distribution improvement and accurate records. Also, ICSL

Pick And Pack

ICSL’s team is prepared to pick, pack and dispatch our client’s goods. The ICSL Pick and Pack job gentle take care of client’s goods. From a small or huge load, ICSL

About us

Since 2007, International Cargo Sales & Logistics, has been providing complete logistics services to our clients around the globe.

Throughout the years, the company has extended its operations to more than 10 countries in South America and is proud to be one of the few companies specialized in providing customized services to every operation, regardless of size.